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Impressive smoky quartz



This one's over two meters high and weighing two tons. It was found on November 15, 1977 near Conselheiro Pena in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The smoky-brown quartz crystal was uncovered during the summer months with great effort. The terrain was extremely impassable and primitive tools were used.



First with a tractor and later with a truck to Rio, from there by ship to Hamburg. In order to protect the stone from damage during the voyage, it was covered with wooden formwork. A blacksmith made an extra tripod for the installation. The largest quartz crystals with a circumference of 7.5 m and a weight of 40 t were found in Brazil, with 168 kg in the Grossglockner Group in Austria or in 1958 in Kazakhstan from the height of a two-storey house and an estimated weight of 70 t. The largest quartz crystals were found in the Grossglockner Group in Austria and in Kazakhstan.

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