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Animal rocks of Saldenburg

Actually, I only wanted to visit the sacrificial stone of Saldenburg in the Bavarian Forest in October. But until I found it, I stumbled across other rock formations, some of which were "animalistic" and interesting. Make up your own mind.




There are numerous interesting rock formations in the forest that "accidentally" evoke figurative associations.






There are no limits to the imagination. Lizard mouths or turtles, everything is represented.
Near the sacrificial stone there are parts of a stage or a meeting place that fit into the strange scenery of a megalithic scene.















The area is close to a youth hostel, which uses the grounds as a welcome nature playground. In fact, the kids there are exploring the area with adventurous abandon.


Here is the large sacrificial rock, which can of course be anything but a place of sacrifice. However, the bowls in the very high, inaccessible area were created by human or (giant) hands.




You need a ladder to climb the massive rock, which in my opinion has already been shaped accordingly. The top edge is about 2.5 m high (at least). The kids managed to get up there using sturdy branches. The term "sacrificial stone" is probably misleading anyway, as the water collected in it is considered "holy" water on the other side. It is more likely that this was a facility that promised people therapeutic benefits. The grooves, bowls and indentations here rather promise extensive treatment, which the Christians were certainly anything but open-minded about.










At the lower end of the sacrificial rock, which weighs many tons, there are human carvings reminiscent of supporting feet.