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Plagues, paranormal and weather anomalies: The Augsburg miracle sign book


Rough "deciphering" of this "folio" explanation and of the miraculous sign depicted: "In the land of the Romans, in 73 B.C., a golden sphere was seen in the sky, which then descended to earth and rolled around and flew back into the air, towards the rising sun, so that its great size completely covered the sun. The great Roman war followed." (Abb. Wikimedia Commons, >> Bildlink)


Apart from the fact that this sighting alone can almost be interpreted as an exopolitical event, I was also personally surprised by the presentation of the buildings in "country of the Romans". The left building resembles the Empire State Building and miraculously seems to be higher than the right front steeple. Was it popular at the time to draw taller buildings as steeples?


Even stranger: An illustration shows two events from the year 1520: - "In 1520, on the fourth of "Jänner" (January), this sign was seen in Vienna for three hours until five after noon. It is called 'Halo' and is like the moon."

That such moonhalos can occur can be seen >> here 

The right side of the foil bears the note "After midnight, at one o'clock or a little later, this sign was seen". For me it looks like an elongated object with a fire engine in the lower left corner. Did the ancestors see a rocket in 1520? (Abb.: Wikimedia; >>Bildlink)




Although one does not know one's client, one suspects Heinricht Vogtherr and Hans Burgkmair the Younger as executive artists: The Augsburg Wonder Sign Book of the Renaissance reveals on (at least) 167 partly enigmatic drawings not only symbols of Christianity with explicit explanations, but one also learns something about extraordinary observations of nature and enigmatic beings of that time. The original appeared in a German auction house in 2007 and was then resold several times.


The "Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung" (Issue 42 (2015)) has already hinted at the following (>> Link), how "The Book of Miracles / Das Wunderzeichenbuch / Le Livre des miracles" should be interpreted. It refers to the Facsimile of the Augsburg Manuscript from the Collection of Mickey Cartin, 2 Bde., hrsg. v. Till-Holger Borchert / Joshua P. Waterman, Transkription v. Rebekka Elsäßer, Cologne 2013, which you can buy for a mere 100 Euro. The originals are in the private collection of the industrialist Mickey Cartin from Connecticut.


Illustration description of this miracle sighting (Source Wikimedia; >> Bildlink): "In the year 1009 A.D. the sun became dark and the moon was seen blood-red and a big earthquake struck and there fell with a loud and cracking noise a huge burning torch like a column or a tower from the sky. The death of many people and famines followed throughout Germany and Italy. More people died than remained alive." Was it a planetary event?

In Dr. Friedrich Schnurrer's book (translated title) "Chronicle of Searches in Connection with the Simultaneous Processes in the Physical World and in the History of Humans" (1823 edition), the author possibly concretizes this event with the words: "In the year 1009, red drops like blood from the air fell in various places on Palm Sunday. Towards the end of April, a higher altitude also affected the sun and the moon for three days, and gave both the stars a horrible appearance. Sigb mentions a very important earthquake. In the case of Jordhshan and Juzzan, the capital of a province bordering Khorasan, a large, untransportable meteor-iron mass fell down. In Englang there were still red-running diseases, in which the limbs were covered with petechiae and carbunkeln" (I have kept the crude spelling of the work in the quotation.)




What else fell from the sky shows this miracle sighting (Source Wikimedia; >> Bildlink) from 1456: According to the description, blood from heaven rained here as well; in Liguria even whole pieces of meat. These strange occurrences are perhaps connected with religious "manna" thoughts (see also Metempsychosis Viennensis: Praise and Honour Preaching of St. Mary).




The blood source between Halle and Merseburg; (Abb. Wikimedia >> Bildlink)




Nevertheless I would like to invite you to leave the single sheets with partly Spartan explanation alone (if you can decode the texts below yourself) and make a rhyme for it yourself. I'm glad not to consult the book of explanations and "background information", as it was a single piece of news from that time anyway, which - as far as the descriptions below are concerned - are said to have come from different pens (the manuscripts differ greatly from each other).

When looking through the individual miraculous signs, I noticed that religious references of the representations are also provided with the corresponding explanation. In this respect, no secret has been made as to whether the respective depiction has religious references and, in individual cases, whether the corresponding biblical passage is cited at the same time. Where this was not the case, one limited oneself to a concrete sighting or an event that had taken place with - admittedly - an individual attempt at explanation. In any case, no symbolic reference was made in these cases.
The events of that time most probably seemed to have been quite popular and were able to spread their word across national borders without further ado.

The individual miraculous signs are elaborately designed, but may also be part of a "newsletter culture" of the time. It cannot be ruled out that they were part of a series of leaflets that had their reason for existence alongside the Fugger newspaper and correspondence.



Weather events using the "severe winter" as an example: "In 1162, snow fell twelve times in a row on Milan, so that people became desperate and nobody could go to someone else. And the snow covered some of the houses and trees and so on. The severe weather event obviously remained in the memory for centuries." (Abb. Wikimedia Commons, >> Bildlink). 




Sky anomaly, "industrial accident" and damage to buildings:
"Im negsten iar vor christus gepurt / ist zu rom jensit der differ ain öll prun entsprungen vnnd den gantzen tag reichlich geleffon / vnd am tag der gepurt ist: ein guldener zwickel umb die sunen erschinen den gantzen tag / vnnd ist die pild saul rumoly mit sampt dem tempel des frids zu grund gefallen / darbey ist zu mercken das ain anderer herr verhanden ist / gewesen."

(analogous translation)
In the next year before the birth of Christ / an oil well sprang up on the other side of the Differ (?) in Rome and ran abundantly all day / and on the day of the birth there was: a golden circle appeared around the sun, all day / and the temple of peace collapsed / it is to be noted that another Lord was there.


This is the same year as the snow catastrophe above, but I am irritated by the hint "in the next year before Christ's birth". Something is wrong with the dating in this context. What happened to the Temple of Peace in Rome? We can read about Wikipedia: "In the year 408 there were seismic shocks on seven consecutive days at the Peace Forum, and possibly the building was weakened or collapsed as a result. Prokop wrote in the 6th century that the temple had long been destroyed by lightning. However, there were still many works of art in its surroundings." Again my question: How does this fit in with the suggested dating "In the next year before the birth of Christ"? A mistake? (Abb. Wikimedia Commons, >> Bildlink)




Typical comet fear in the 16th century? In the year 1506 there was a comet sighting: ... "several nights a comet appeared and turned the tail towards Spain. In this year many fruits grew and were completely destroyed by the caterpillars or rats. Then, in the eighth and ninth year, there followed in this country and in Italy an earthquake of such magnitude that many buildings and people were destroyed in Constantinople". (Wikimedia; >> Bildlink)




"In the year 73 B.C. the people gathered to drink, but when they cut the bread, blood came out of it like from a wound. There was also a hailstorm that was so terrible that for seven days in a row stones fell from the sky, and also in it were pieces of real stones and many sharp stones, so that the ground was destroyed by them." (Abb. Wikimedia; >> Bildlink)




The following Daniel's vision: In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream and visions of a face on his bed; and he wrote down the dream, and this is its content: I Daniel saw a face in the night, and behold, the four winds under the sky stirred up the great sea. And four great beasts came up out of the sea, each different from the other.

Daniel 7,17 These four great beasts are four kingdoms that will come on earth.
Daniel 7,4 The first was like a lion and had wings like an eagle. I saw the wings taken from him. And it was lifted up from the earth and set on two feet like a man, and a human heart was given to it.

Daniel 7,5 And behold, another beast, the second, was like a bear, standing on one side, with three ribs in his mouth between his teeth. And they said unto him, Arise, and eat much flesh.
Daniel 7,6 Then I looked, and behold, another beast like a panther had four wings like a bird on its back, and the beast had four heads, and it was given great power.

Daniel 7,7 After this I looked in this vision in the night, and behold, a fourth beast was terrible and horrible and very strong and had great iron teeth, eating around him and crushing him with his feet. It was also very different from the previous animals and had ten horns. ... If you like, you can take a closer look at the symbolism from the Bible. This foil exemplarily deals with one of the typical religious references. (Abb. Wikipedia Commons; >> Bildlink)




A sighting from the Orient without time indication. The observation of three suns in the morning, which later pull together to form one. What exactly these witnesses saw - whether they were typical halos or something completely different - is beyond our knowledge. Especially in our time such phenomena are often observed, perhaps it was something special at that time. (Picture Wikimedia; >> Bildlink)




A phenomenon from 2011, when two suns were sighted next to each other in Taiwan, could not be explained astronomically to my knowledge until today. >> link to mainstream news. So who knows what our ancestors really saw at the time?


Analogous to the three suns there is also the sighting of three moons - here dated 1304. If I interpret the hard to read writing correctly, the midnight sighting extended over a longer period of time. I can't explain what this is all about. This reminds me of the phenomenon of the so-called "moon deception", which alone "suggests" (or affirms") the different sizes of the moon representation and thus also different distances to the earth - but without astronomical or physical explanation, since science is in the dark about this. (Abb.: Wikimedia; >> Bildlink)




(analogous translation) "In January 1496, when the Tiber crossed its banks high and wide near Rome: What miraculous creature appeared, found dead, where the rage and power of the waters of the Tiber had subsided, and was in this form and form as it is painted there". What the find in the Tiber was really about may be guessed. It was certainly not such a mythical creature. It cannot be ruled out, however, that nothing happened here. Some find (possibly the carcass of a cryptic being) may have appeared there. (Abbildung: Wikimedia, >> Bildlink)




Something similar probably happened in 1531 when a strange creature was captured near Salzburg. (analogous translation): "In 1531 a wondrous, grey and hairy animal with a bearded man's head, four feet and sharp claws was captured by the bishop's hunters in the Salzburg Forest. It was brought to court, but it did not want to eat or drink and it died terribly." (Abb.: Wikimedia; >> Bildlink). What did they really find there? The event is really mysterious.



"1533 years after the birth of Christ, on Friday after St. Ursula, the 24th day, such miraculous dragons were seen in the air for almost two hours at about 10 p.m. in several places near Hilpoltstein and in the Hoffleinshaus." Such sightings are of course smiled at today. (picture: Wikimedia; >> Bildlink)




This also applies to the finds of multi-headed beings. Unfortunately I was not able to decipher the explanation here. (Abb. Wikimedia; >> Bildlink).




Events 1543: On the left a chicken with 4 extremities, on the right a creature recovered from the sea, which is said to have been brought to Copenhagen alive afterwards. (Abb. Wikimedia; >> Bildlink)